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Trial of the iPad

I’ve always been skeptical, ever since its launch, of the iPad. That said it appears to be proving to be popular and so when the opportunity came to give one a roadtest, I decided to give it an open mind.

It is, a stylish device, extremely capable of doing what it does. But it does have limitations. In no particular order…

  • It doesn’t play Flash, so many facebook games, BBC news videos are inaccessible (I know this is just a local difficulty that will be resolved, but still…
  • The keyboard is poorly laid out. There are no cursors, or none that I could find, so you can’t easily go back and edit what you type without deleting and retyping
  • Might be me, and I’m sure there are other alternatives, but I downloaded Tweetdeck to acccess twitter. It has an annoying habit of closing after it receives new tweets but before you can read them
  • I tried accessing my webmail via two different routes, and both would allow me to see I had mail but not to actually read it. Weird?
  • Gaming is good, the touch naigation and motion censors are impressive, but annoyingly addictive. A very good way to waste lots and lots of time
  • There is no USB port or card reader for transferring photos/documents

esl comparison and contrast essay On a course I attended earlier this month there lots of people with iPads, but they also had their iPhones and their laptops (often the ultra slim MacBook Air) and this neatly sums up the usefulness of the device. It is handy, and the advantages of the larger screen is useful but all this can be achieved with a modern iPhone (or similar) and the latter can also make and receive calls(!!), whilst, after limited investigations, your web journey will invariably demand that you need to get onto the computer.

iq opt I would conclude that the iPad is brilliant at wasting time. Looks nice; feels nice; but still not sure of it’s purpose. It’s quite a cool thing and I wouldn’t say no to one as a gift but if I was buying I think I’d choose a zoom lens any day…

The Time Was When

  • 16:04:34: and Emma have been for a nice walk up and around Coombe Hill and Chequers. Even bumped into warden Jerry for the first time in ages. 🙂
  • 18:35:49: Yay, Ed beat David to the Labour leadership. Now he just has to beat the other Dave at the earliest opportunity! #politics
  • 18:37:22: RT @melliebuse: Well touching sibling scene but for me nothing beats the gay wedding in the rose garden.
  • 19:01:30: RT @steven_moffat: Writing is TOO DIFFICULT.

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The Time Was When

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The Time Was When

  • 14:27:37: RT @benrmatthews: If you’re using Twitter web, don’t mouseover any photos. Will hack your account and auto post a status…
  • 15:28:53: BBC News – Wallace & Gromit on Royal Mail Christmas stamps
  • 23:15:22: thought that just being allowed out for a couple of hours each evening might have cured Bella. It seems not… :-/ #awolcats
  • 23:20:24: has written more of Mr Tumnal, played some scrabble, watched another slice of West Wing, and been for a (enforced) pleasant moonlight stroll

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The Time Was When

  • 08:59:06: finds it a distressing thought that the majority of freshers wandering around outside my office weren’t even born when I first went to uni!
  • 11:23:45: would love to see bottle deposits make a comeback, but can they, unless we start standardising on design again? #reuse
  • 11:23:59: RT @r4today: “If the Lib Dems had not gone into coalition the consequences for the party would have been worse” – Lord Ashdown http://bb …
  • 12:29:04: has just seen crazy T-shirt man who caused interference on the cam from the Open Day vid. Late applicant I guess…
  • 13:55:29: considers the tenses. First person or third person POV? What’s your tipple? via @Litopia
  • 14:28:22: always knew that Google was a powerful beast. Didn’t realise they had the power to destroy whole towns…
  • 15:55:46: …and the vibrations start. Through the floor, the walls, the window, my desk… #workinginabuildingsite
  • 18:47:00: RT @ndw: RT @timbray Romulan warbird decloaking:
  • 20:54:54: : It was a joke! The Paul Chambers Story. It’s no joke… via @JeremyJHardy

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The Time Was When

  • 08:42:00: : There is no such thing as too many books. Just not enough bookcases via @ratsinabag @EbonyMcKenna
  • 15:48:45: is pickling beans… #harvest2010
  • 16:05:20: RT @ndw Very small margin for error
  • 20:09:47: : who’da thought that a bit of baked marrow and some pork mince could taste so darn good. Thank you Nigel Slater! omnomnom #gorgeousfood
  • 20:11:49: : desk made out of books ~ what a splendid idea…
  • 21:46:57: wants to know why I’m so tired. My eyes are heavy> I think I need to go up to bedfordshire…

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The Time Was When

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