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Aged Type Effect in Photoshop

A useful Photoshop technique for adding an aged effect onto type in Photoshop can be found here:

( aged type effect in photoshop )

  • Create your type as you normally would
  • Rasterize the type
  • Add noise, around 25%. Be sure the check the ‘Monochromatic’ checkbox.
  • Adjust the Input Levels, bring the black level up to about 70
  • Run a very slight Gaussian Blur on your type – like 1 or 2 px
  • Run Smart Sharpen to remove the blur but keep some of the organic distressing / softening that occurs. Like 200% for the amount and about 15 for the radius.
  • Adjust Levels again – bring black up to about 50 and white down to 69.

Or just download the Aged Text Effect Photoshop Action and never have to remember how to do it again.

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